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Our business is to encourage people to enjoy this special part of the world. However, this comes with the responsibility of looking after it. We aim to provide our guests with the highest standards of accommodation and service, whilst supporting the local community and preserving the beautiful islands and seas around us.


This is a work in progress, so we welcome any input, questions or suggestions!

  • 3 Sail Loft conforms to the highest standards of insulation according to Tighean Innse Gall. Thanks to their Energy Isles Project funding, we have replaced our lights with LED light bulbs, upgraded to some high energy rating appliances and ensured all our windows have thick curtains and draught excluders.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We try to live and run our business by this principle and encourage our guests to do the same. To make this easier, we provide re-usable shopping bags, picnic equipment and tupperware, and offer easy recycling facilities for unavoidable single use items.

  • We encourage our guests to dispose of litter carefully and heed local guidelines and signs. Scottish Natural Heritage offers great advice for those after more information.

  • We encourage the use of public transport and provide timetables and information. You can now hire electric cars on the islands.

  • Public transport isn’t always an option for the remotest parts of the island, so we encourage those who are able to, to experience the scenery on foot or by bike, kayak or even paddleboard! 

  • We use cleaning products with environmentally safe credentials, such as Ecover and Bio D. We buy in bulk and use refill systems to minimise packaging.​

  • Our seas are filling with plastic, which is bad news for everyone: please do not flush anything non-degradable (e.g. cotton buds) down the toilet.  Find out more here

  • We encourage guests to buy locally and support the local talent, by promoting local products through our welcome packs, which include a variety of island-based goodies.

  • We encourage our guests to help us out with reducing our energy and water usage by turning of taps, lights and appliances when not in use.

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